Flood insurance

If you live in the Hoboken-Jersey City area, you may need or want flood insurance. A flood can be caused by not only heavy rain but by a broken water main, melting snow, a blocked storm drainage system, and more.

A few inches of water can cause tens of thousands of dollars in damage. Your home need not be in a high flood area to warrant flood insurance – one quarter of all flood claims occur in low-moderate hazard areas. Homeowner’s insurance rarely covers losses from floods, but flood insurance for certain properties is relatively inexpensive to add.

At Mile Square Insurance Agency, we have extensive experience placing flood insurance for our clients. We’ll explain what types of policies are available to you, whether you’re eligible for FEMA-backed insurance as part of its National Flood Insurance Program (we’re certified by FEMA), or private-market flood insurance.


  • Determine what type of flood zone you are in now. [need link]
  • Contact us for a no-obligation quote for flood insurance. [link to quote form]