Condominium Association Insurance

Because each unit owner owns a portion of the building, condominium associations are unique entities with specialized insurance needs.

Every condo building needs a master policy to cover the shared risks of the unit owners: general liability coverage (protection from lawsuits), common area property coverage, and fidelity (protection from theft of association funds). Mile Square Insurance understands associations’ requirements both small (two units) and large (up to hundreds of units), whether the association is self-managed or a professionally managed property. We offer policies from the leading, financially stable insurers that offer broad coverage with competitive pricing. We know this marketplace extremely well and understand the underwriting appetites, coverage offerings and pricing tendencies of insurers specializing in condominium coverage.

We excel at matching associations with the insurers that are best suited to protect the association. We can also advise associations on procuring Directors and Officers coverage (which protects members of the board) and Umbrella Liability insurance, which is important, inexpensive, but often overlooked.

To help find the policy best suited to your association, we will need to know:

  • Official, legal name of the association
  • Property address/mailing address
  • Construction type- is the building constructed of wood frame, solid brick, or is it all concrete and steel?
  • Construction date- when was the building built?
  • Property updates- when was the last time each of the following were repaired/replaced: the roof, windows, plumbing, heating, and electric?
  • Total number of units in the building(s)
  • Number of stories- How tall is your building?
  • Square footage of the building
  • Description of amenities such as pool, parking, exercise room, etc.


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